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Pets in Peace is Brisbane’s oldest family owned and operated Pet Crematorium. We have been serving South East Queensland families since 1999. We will treat you, your family and your pet with personalised service and the dignity and respect you deserve. We guarantee all cremations are individual.

A Pet Owners Anguish.

I remember vividly sitting in the living room at the house talking with Brian who had just lost his mate of 14 years Jay. Jay was a big strong German Shepherd who had been part of Brian's family since he was a pup. Not just the family pet but also a much-loved member of the family.

Brian shed a tear as he reminisced about all of the memories and times that Jay had shared with his family. Having worked in the funeral industry for many years and through my own life experiences I believed I shared Brian's feelings and thought I understood his pain and grief.

Then Brian said something to me that I will always remember. He said "This is harder than when my mother died." as I sat with Brian my mind racing with responses from my years as being a Funeral Director, he continued, "I never had to make the decision to put my mother down."

Our pets are part of our family, they are our companions as we travel the ups and downs of life, and we should always honor them in the manner that we want to.

I know that death is not a subject that we want to talk about, but I started thinking that there is no real information that can help families prepare for this heart-wrenching situation. We hope that you will never have to face the loss of your special family pet. If you do find yourself in this sad situation we hope that the information we have provided on our web site will assists you in your time of need.

Martin Hopp - Owner
Pets in Peace Pty Ltd


Pets in Peace

Bev and Martin Hopp established Pets in Peace in 1999. They both had over 10 years experience working in human funeral homes and crematoriums prior to establishing Pets in Peace. As devoted pet lovers it was important from the outset that they could offer families the same dignified service when their two and four legged family members passed away. They introduced family viewing rooms, specially equipped vehicles for pet transfers, 24 hour emergency after care and have written specialised pet grief brochures and understanding euthanasia brochures.

Pet funerals and pet cremations offer a very dignified way of saying farewell to that special family member. Our crematoriums are equipped with full mortuary facilities. These are the same type of facilities you would find in any human funeral home. These facilities ensure that your pet is safe and always in the best care with Pets in Peace.


Pet Cremation

Pets in Peace conducts pet cremations in the same way as human cremations. The systems and checks used are the same as those used in human crematoriums throughout Australia. A guaranteed individual cremation service is conducted with all of your pets ashes returned to your home in an urn or memorial item of your choice. Our individual cremation service starts from $299.00.

Pet Funerals

Our qualified celebrants can provide a professional and caring funeral service after the death of your dear friend. Pets in Peace will treat your dear friend with the utmost care and dignity. We are proud of the service we can offer during this difficult time and feel honored that you trust us to look after your special family member.


Pet Memorials

Remember your pet the way you want to; Pets in Peace understand that not all pets are the same and that families choose to remember their beloved pets in different ways. We have developed an extensive range of tasteful and stylish memorials including urns, boxes and other special items for your pet’s ashes to be returned home in as well as plaques and outdoor memorials that are a fitting tribute to the memory of your dear friend.


Pets in Peace have crematoriums at Loganholme; south of Brisbane half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and Clontarf; north of Brisbane on the way to the Sunshine Coast. We assist families in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Kingaroy, Gympie, Hervey Bay and surrounding areas.