Viewing Room


Saying goodbye is very hard, we have specially built private viewing rooms if families want to say a private farewell to their special little or not so little one. Not every family wish to have a viewing however for those families who have not had a chance to say that private goodbye a viewing is available. All viewing must be pre arranged with our office to ensure our viewing room is available at the time you want.

A small charge applies.

Viewing of cremation

Pets in Peace have an open door policy at our crematoriums. We have a special area at our crematorium where you may safely watch the start of your pet's cremation should you wish to. There is small fee of $80 for this service. This includes time for the family to say their goodbyes in our viewing room prior to the start of the cremation. Please contact us if you are interested in this service and we will arrange a time to suit you.

Viewing with same day collection of ashes


If it is important for you to have your pet cremated and their ashes home with you on the same day as the cremation we can assist you. There is a fee of $120.00 and the cremation process will take between 2 and 3 hours.  Please contact us for more details.