Premises and Facilities

Pet crematorium

outsideWe offer peace of mind knowing that your family friend will always be treated with professional care in a modern and professionally operated facility.

Pets in Peace have utilized all of their human funeral experience to build two fully licensed and professionally designed pet crematoriums. These facilities exceed all pet crematorium council regulations with all systems and procedures based on those used at human crematoriums. Pets in Peace have installed four large cremators that ensure all pets are handled with care, dignity and most importantly individually.

We have an open door policy where families may view the cremation of their pet if they wish to. We understand that most people do not want to view the actual cremation though we feel it’s important for you to have the option. We have built very private viewing rooms at both of our crematoriums so families can say that final farewell. Due to staffing requirements, families must arrange a time to visit our crematorium for a viewing. A small charge applies.

Some Pet Funeral Directors use a pathological waste furnace. In order to provide you with a high level of individual service we use the same procedures as human crematoriums. Pets in Peace utilize the same engineer designed cremators that are utilized in human crematoriums.

Our purpose built crematorium with full mortuary facilities is second to none. These are the same type of facilities you would find in any funeral home. These facilities ensure that your pet is safe and always in the best care with Pets in Peace.

We are members of the Pet Crematorium and Cemetery Association of America. We have developed a strong relationship with the local veterinary community.