You were born 10-11-02

I got you a year later; I was looking for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

And my Dad’s Brother knew of you,

You were' too lazy to be a show dog'

You were used to living with other dogs so it took you some time

To get used to me and living inside a house not always outside,

You became my beautiful shadow, always following me,

A beautiful nature not a nasty bone in your body,

You loved your 2nd sister Bella although she used to grab your big ears,

2 years ago you developed a heart murmur something your breed unfortunately has

Due to your relaxing view of the world you lived another 2 years with medication,

When I lost you, I lost a piece of my heart a few days ago.

You will never be forgotten and always remembered,

I was with you when you went,

I hope you are breathing better and running round with your sister Taylor,

Never forgetter I love you long time my beautiful boy,

Till me meet again... xxxx

Your Mum Tracey, Bella, your Grandparents, and Kobi