Dear KC,

 Five years ago, you came running into our family as a little puppy, and everyone loved you,

even when you grew up, you were like a gentle giant...

That is why today is the hardest thing I could do, say goodbye...

You were way too young to go and I wish you were around for longer.

You had so much love to give and not enough time to give it...

Liver cancer was the worst way to go and you were in pain

but I wish I got to say a proper goodbye :(

 The last five years with you have been amazing and I love you so much <3

I remember when you were a puppy and would follow me around the house all day

and I used to sneak you into my bed at night

 And on Friday night when I slept next to you because I was so scared

that something was really wrong with you

and then the next day you were fine and I was so relieved

 You always used to lean on me and sit on me and I used to take it for granted

but now I know that I will never get kc cuddles ever again

 You were too young and had so much life ahead of you

I miss you kc lala and I will never forget you

RIP <3