My very special baby girl lit up any room,

footpath, park or beach with her beauty and her magnificent loving and playful nature.

We shared a very special journey and have an unbreakable bond.

The love of my life, the companion of all companions.

Thank you Fire for bringing your unconditional love,

vibrant personalityand richness to my life.

You are such a big part of shaping me into the person I am today.

Through your love,

I've gained strength which will get me through this heartbreaking time.

You were the best (and delightfuly naughty/stubborn) dog/fur

daughter/best friend/companion a person could ever ask for.

Your pawprint is forever etched in my heart baby girl

and until we meet again enjoy the freedom of being able to run and jump and be a pup all over again.


Love you forever! I wuv oooooo xx