We fell in love with you the first moment we saw you and have loved you with all our hearts ever since. You very rarely left out sides. Loving us unconditionally and never causing us any problems ever. When you were just a pup you loved to go out in the van to work with Dad keeping him company and even shared his twisties with him at snack times. In later years you were not able to jump in and out of the van so it was better for you to stay at home with mum keeping me company until I had to leave for work.

You and I have walked miles and miles together over the years and I wouldn't have missed them for anything they brought us both a great deal of pleasure and happiness. The hundreds of time that we played with the ball, you chasing it and bringing it back and putting it into my hands, I miss those time so much.

You have traveled all over this land with us and shared out lives completely. The back seat of the car was yours. We shared so many wonderful holidays with you in so many places and doing so many wonderful tings. You were loved by everyone who you came in contact with, everyone commented on how well you were looked after and how you looked after us. Last year when we did the trip to Adelaide we must have know it would be out last. It was a trip of a lifetime. it was six and a half weeks of heaven, wish it could have lasted for ever, but that was not to be.

You gave pleasure where ever you went, even in the nursing home when we took you up to see my mum every week, all the residents loved to see you coming, they loved and missed you as well.

The many places we took you for a swim, in rivers and lakes an the beach, you loved them all. You were such a joy. You have left a large hole.

We didn't want to put you to sleep, but we had to, so you would suffer pain no more, so please forgive us, but you remain in our hearts forever. We love you and always will. You were ours for almost 12 years.

Love always your Mum and Dad.