We miss you heaps, forgive us for the decision we made, but we wanted to spare you further pain and suffering

You were very special and very mischievous and destructive as a puppy. You moved with us from Christchurch, New Zealand because like us you did not like the cold. We have lots of great memories, especially the regular outings to Sandgate for a swim and to chase the seagulls, lots of rides in the car and you were a great little bedmate, a great companion especially for mum when dad was on hospital and for dad when mum was at work and a great playmate to Rambo. He misses you too. This picture is one of the last taken of you the night before you left us you are enjoying your favourite meal of chicken and vegs. We are grateful for the services of "Pets in Peace" to enable us to have you with us at all times. We love you, we miss you and will never forget you.