Missing you so much, you have left such a void in our lives,

Don't know how or what to do with ourselves.

Looking around our home that you are still part of,

At your bed, your water bucket,

Your favourite spots where you like to lay,

The track you made each day when you walked to your water bucket,

It’s all still there,

We know you are with us in our hearts, always.

We will never forget you, that is a promise.

You gave us nearly 12 years, and for that we thank you.

You fought so hard most of your life with medical conditions,

You are an amazing pet and will never forget

How strong you were right til the end.

You dealt with epilepsy, knee reconstruction,

Kidney stones but to name a few.

You were the most loyal friend anyone could have asked for.

Love you Always,

Audrey, Mel, Madison and Nicholas xxxx