D.O.B. Unkown - 03 January 2002


Prince, when I laid eyes on you 3 years ago, I saw "challenge" written all over you. I knew then we would become best of mates.

You were living in a small bathroom of a unit. The people looking after you could tell me nothing of your past except they were "babysitting" you for friends (who no longer wanted you). You came to me freely of your own judgement, so off you went to yet another (4th owner). This was the break you deserved Prince. For the last 3 years you gave nothing but unconditional love. All you needed in return was love, kindness and understanding. You asked for nothing else.

You were a mess my man, you trusted no-one, but together we worked through it, we met and made many friends no matter where we went.

I promised you Prince I would never let you suffer again. So when the time came, even though it was the hardest decision of my life, I choses to allow the Angels to take you to the Sunny Side.

When I visited you for the last time (at Martin's) I knew you were at peace. No frown (of pain) upon your face. You were like a puppy again.

I'm happy that I was the one to have given you the best 21 doggy years a mate could ever ask for and deserved.

Love you Prince. Sleep tight. Your mum Tracy. xxxxx

Your dad Phil and Shnoudy Cat miss you heaps also. xxxxxxx