Mr Wooley Bear  – AKA.. Bear
Dates: 21st  July 2006 – 8th June 2016

Always in our hearts
Our beautiful Bear and most loyal, special and best
little friend/companion passed after a long fight against
cancer this past 24 months.
Unfortunately it just got too much, it was growing
too quickly and we didn’t want him to suffer anymore.
He passed away peacefully at home in his favourite spot
and surrounded by the people he loves.

He will always be in our memories and thoughts as one
of the most constant and enjoyable parts of our day.
The BEST dog in the world for us!
We love him heaps and will miss him so much, but we
know he will keep an eye on us and is no longer in pain.
We thank him for the many years of laughter and unconditional
affection. We thank him for all the enjoyment and special
memories he has blessed us with. 

Some photos of our cutie bear….