Patrick Strong


21.1.1994 – 17.4.2007

~ Our Little Man ~

Always in our hearts;
Many a treasured memory all who knew him will keep.

Our Dear Paddy,

Words can’t describe our pain of your loss or the gratitude for the many years we spent together.  Your character stood out from the first moment you arrived in our lives, from your personality to your loyalty.  The many traits that we loved about you were your affection to us all and never missing a chance to steal a kiss or the chance to have sleep, and especially the chance to have a fang on a bone.  But your most admirable quality was your love for your Brother Barney, following him everywhere and always keeping him in your sight.

Our time together will always be remembered and we promise you that a day won’t go by without a kind thought or pleasant memory.

You are loved by so many people Paddy.

We love you so very much and please forgive us but we let you go before you suffered any pain Paddy.

We love you xo


I had a wonderful life!   

I had toy monsters and bones and plenty of treats,
and certainly enjoyed my quota of sleeps.
The kennel was a place for me
Sleep and comfort ultimately
I went for drives in the car,
On occasion afar.
I loved our walks and sniffs in the park,
But sometimes at home I enjoyed too much of a bark!
I had the best family ever and I am so very glad
Not to forget the wrestles and play I had with Barney and my Dad


~Smile because we happened~