Our Special Little Princess
You Came Into Our Lives
and Gave Us Your Love
How Lucky We Are


7/12/1993 - 25/2/2003
Cardiff Sunny Nicholette

We cherished 9 years
with our beautiful little baby princess
which was not enough.
You had so much love to gave and in
your adoring eyes we felt so very special
and you, our darling are so special in ours.

Your presence was like no other and
you moved like an angel
your happy smiles and cheeky ways made
each day special and memorable.
You loved to talk to us and we miss that so much
your reservation to strangers let you adorn
the ones you loved and trusted.

Such a happy little girl with so many things to do and see.

We hope that wherever you are we are in your heart
as you are in ours.

Our little darling you are so so missed.

In our hearts and thoughts forever

Mummy, Daddy and Sheltie Sister Shellie