Minty and Jemma

Minty                                                      Gemma
(19.04.95 -10.04.00)                                 (24.06.95 - 18.02.03)


These were my little babies, my little poppets as I called them. Minty went suddenly a few years before Gemma who had to go the sleep after a serious illness. They were my little loves, my companions and they were such a joy to come home to after a day at work.

Someone once said of the Bichon "They are friendly fun loving little people, and I mean little people".

That's what my babies were, little people, and everyone who came in contact with them, especially Gemma, could not have been more delighted by the behavior. She just had everyone fuss over her everywhere she went.

I think of you both everyday and miss you very much. The pain has got easier but the gap you left will be hard to fill - maybe one day but not for a long time.

Pets in Peace placed you together again so that you can be with each other always and that has made me feel more at peace myself.

Just remember wherever you are - Mummy loves you.

Rest in peace my babies.