MIKA (Bubba)

04/07/2005 - 05/12/2016

You came to us as a little ball of fluff.
The runt of the litter, but oh boy you were the best.
Your personality was larger than life
You touched so many people, not just your family.
Mika, my bubba, you were well known and adored
And you are greatly missed by all.
Such a happy, gentle loving soul.
You never really grew old,
Always believing you were still a puppy,
Never knowing your true size.
You adored little kids, believing you were their size.
Talking away to anyone who would listen
Oh how you loved to talk...sometimes too much
I will always remember you talking to me as we walked, 
Greeting all along our way.
Always helpful when there was work to be done,
You were right in the middle of it all
Helping to dig holes in the garden.
Following me picking up your stuffed toy mess with you right behind me,
Making more mess!
You made everyone laugh, 
But mostly you made everyone love.
Eleven and a half years you brought so much joy, laughter and love.
Mika, my beautiful bubba,
You were so much more than just a dog,
You were my best friend, my rock, my companion, you were family,
A mumma's boy & the best friend/brother to Zakk.
You have left mighty big paw prints in our hearts.
While your no longer with us in the flesh, 
Your presence is felt, giving us little signs to let us know your still with us,
Still walking beside me talking away.
You will forever live on in our hearts, you were a very special boy.
Till we meet again 
Rest in peace Bubba boy.

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