Georgie Girl

Georgie Girl

18 October 1997 – 21 August 2008

You were so sweet and beautiful
When I laid eyes on you, my pup
You were so soft and bumbling
I knew I could not pass you up.

I took you home and to my delight
You grew into a fine young girl.
Without a worry, without a care
You would give anything a whirl.

As you grew, you became strong and fit
The rattle of keys would brighten your eyes
So tough, so smart, so adventurous
You would never pass up a car ride.

No cardboard box could beat you
No small child’s face left unlicked
No bone could remain unguarded
Just in case it would be nicked.

You could count the days, dear Georgie
You wouldn’t let me rest
Until such time that we went for a walk
You loved weekend mornings the best.

Trips to the beach were an adventure
Chasing balls on the beach was cool
You tiptoed in the scary surf
You were never one for swimming pools. 

So many good times and tennis balls
So many tickles on the tummy
Eleven great years together, sweet Georgie
We loved how your ears looked funny.

You were so bright and beautiful
We were caught one day by surprise
There you were, our darling Georgie
The pain clearly marked in your eyes.

Our beautiful girl, you told us to let go
So we did what we thought was best
So tell me why we sit here and cry
Wishing you had never left. 

We will always love you, our gorgeous Georgie Girl