I love you and miss you that much it hurts deep in my heart,

I am always looking behind me you always followed me no matter where I went,

If I was at my work bench you had to sit up on the bench to watch me.

I showed you how to shake hands using Fantale lollies,

Shake hands Choppa you would jump around you knew what was coming,

Than you would give me your little paw,

I was so proud and you would take the Fantale with paper on

So you could unwrap it and enjoy it in a comfortable place,

Than back you would come offering your paw I knew what you wanted.

When I come home you would grab anything off the floor and run to me showing me how clever you were,

I would say what has Choppi got,

Then you would do the prance back and forwards like you were on a cat walk

Showing how straight and strong you were.

Oh Choppi what do I do now, without you? I can't stop crying there is so much that reminds me of you,

I'm so lost without you, I know now how much you must have loved me and how much I love you,

Until we meet again my precious buddy I love you with all my heart.