Dear Cheeky,

There are no words to say properly,
Just how much you mean to me.
For you I've shed a thousand tears,
You've been by my side for the last eight years.
It's not long ago now that we did part,
but the memories of you will forever be in my heart.

During the day you'd lay in the sun,
Chasing butterflies and birds was great fun.
You would come inside for something to eat,
Schmackos and Dentabones were a real treat.
When "walkies" was heard you'd wait by the door,
If it was cold - a coat you wore.
Then when you got home you'd play with your toys,
‘Hamburger’and ‘Piggy’ - you loved their squeaky noise!
Noodles and My Dog you'd eat for tea,
Then after, was time to play with Mowgli.
You'd chase each other till you were tired,
Then off to bed, together we would head.
For a long time we shared the same cover,
Later on, you shared your basket with your brother.

I know we will meet again, one day,
But until then I'd just like to say,
I can't thank you enough for what you've given to me,
You made my time with you the best it could ever be,
I cherish the moments we've been together.
Cheeky, I will love you forever and ever.