Buddy aka Dinky

Buddy (aka Dinky, Rinkydink, Budski, Budinski, My Boy)
was an adopted baby from the RSPCA.
Someone cared enough for his welfare to let him go as a young dog
for whatever reasons/circumstances we’ll never know and certainly can’t judge.
Because of this we had the opportunity to bring home a special little gem.
He was a loyal, loving and dedicated member of our family
who brought light to everyone’s life.
He loved fishing - by this I mean he lived to see what was reeled in on the line
and he loved the water.
His ears rose and a certain look appeared on his face with a slight head tilt
when he heard the words “go for a drive?”
He would do what we called the Dinky dance when he got excited
(swaying from side to side lifting his front paws as if tap dancing).
Even a quick drive around the block or
simply reversing the car in the driveway was gratifying for him.
Bud to us was and will always be the perfect dog you could ever wish for.
Unfortunately for Bud he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer
and within weeks it moved to his lungs, he was 13yrs old.

Buddy passed away at home in his own surroundings with the vet’s help 12:15pm 17/07/13.

RIP Dinky you’ll always be the light in our hearts.
Becky, Jas, Ayla, Amber, Jazzy & your son Tank