4/10/90 - 13/10/03

He loved to live and lived to love
Now making an impression in the heavens above

To loose you so tragically makes it so hard to bear.
Mummy’s gorgeous little boy
Daddy’s little playmate

Your beautiful antics we sadly miss:

Your special morning greetings and games to start another day.

With the tilt of your head to convey a thought.

The fuss you made to be picked up to join in a conversation and be part of the action.

The playtimes at night after dinner with hide and seek and fetching the ball.

The excitement of going for a walk or a ride in the car.

Those special little noises in the contentment of a cuddle.

And don’t we just know how gorgeous we are after a shampoo and brushing.

You were our special little mate Benji and the memories of you will forever be in our hearts.