01.09.1993 – 27.08.2007

˜ The Prancer ˜

Greatly missed, forever cherished and always remembered.

Our Dear Barn,

Words can’t describe our pain of your loss but the privilege to have had the years we did was an absolute honour. Your character, personality & loyalty was apparent the moment you arrived. The traits we loved about you included your charm and cheek - you were definitely a pretty boy with your petite, defined and perfect features. Prancing on your tippy toes will be your legacy. Your affection to everyone you came in contact with will be remembered as will your curiosity and inquisitive nature (when perplexed and working things out for yourself you would always tilt you head to the side as if to say ‘hmmm??”). Your most admirable quality by far was your love for your brother Patrick, from the moment he joined the household you took it upon yourself to lead, love and protect him. Patrick was willingly your biggest follower and looked to you for guidance, following you everywhere & never letting you out of his sights. You were also a wonderful brother to Matilda for the short time you were in her life and we are sure some of your beautiful calm nature rubbed off on her. We felt your heartbreak when Paddy went to heaven and now you, our precious boy, follow in his paw-prints - free of illness and together again. We know you fought to stay with us but that you were getting tired until that day you showed us the signs that it was time we let you go. Our time together will always be remembered - we promise that a day won’t go by without a kind thought or pleasant memory. You are loved by so many.

We love you so very much xo