They say everyone that comes into your life does it for a reason
Baby - as much as you were "only a cat" you were so much more to me
Was it really 12 years ago that you walked into my life?
You saved my life
You restored my faith in the world
You brought joy into my dark and lonely world
Not bad for a "nonexistant" cat really..

So this morning I had to say goodbye...
Your body was broken...
and all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't put you back together & ease your pain
So I did what I always promised..
I saved you from the all pain and fears of this world..

Hardest decision I ever made..
Wish I had an alternative..
But sometimes life is cruel..
and you need to forget selfishness and do what is right for those you love..

I'll miss you boofhead,
I'll miss my "dog" cat.
I'll miss the cuddles we shared..
I'll miss my hot water bottle..
I'll miss your help at the computer..
or just curled up at my feet or on "your" couch
I'll miss my protector..

Our all too brief time together has been something i have & will always treasure & you have a permanant place close to my heart..
See you in the next life my fur-child..

I Miss You..